12 Oil paint pens


12 Oil
paint pens


Indelible permanent oil paint markers for customising glass, wood, metal, fabric and more!
Zenacolor permanent markers allow you to add a personal touch to your favourite belongings, as they work on (almost) any surface you can think of.

12 colours to liven up your personnal stuff:
The paint marker pen set contains 12 unique colours so you can brighten up everyday objects. The colours are:
– Blue, Green, Red, Black, White, Sky blue, Orange, Yellow, Purple, Pink, Gold, Silver

Customise to your heart’s content:
Each indelible oil marker works on smooth surfaces (glass, metal) as well as on rough surfaces (rocks, stones, pebbles, wood) thanks to the unique composition of the oil-based ink.

“Pump and Paint” System and quick drying time to avoid drips and stains:
The paint oil pens come with the ink in the cartridge, so all you need to do to get them flowing is to shake the pen well (with the cap on), then pump them on a test surface: the paint will then flow down to the tip and you will be able to draw without risk of stains or drips. And the paint dries quite quickly so you can enjoy your works of art as soon as possible!

For professional and beginner artists alike:
These indelible, waterproof, coloured oil based marker paints make the perfect holiday, Christmas or birthday present to surprise artists of any age with a passion for crafts and customising objects.
Zenacolor Guarantee:
All our products come with a 30-day “100% satisfaction or your money back” guarantee, so you can try these colour markers with total peace of mind.

So stop hesitating and add this set to your basket now!

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