16 Ultra Fine Tip Pens



16 Ultra fine tip high-quality pens that you can carry everywhere with you: Well-defined, clean and precise lines!

Comes in a wide choice of colors and sizes and high-end quality.
The ink used is made of pigments (just like our paints) and not dyes, giving you an unsurpassed writing experience: you will not have to worry about smudges or stains. All your lines will be well-defined, clean and precise!
Our ink is water-based and non-toxic, while remaining extremely water-resistant.

Our pens can be used for drawing, scribbling, note-taking, and adult coloring such as mandalas, etc.
The set is very discreet and functional; it slips easily into a backpack, a pouch, or a purse.

A perfect gift

The infinite number of uses of our felt pens, combined with their superior quality and very high precision make them an ideal gift for children, teenagers and adults alike.
Help them unleash their creativity and imagination by providing them with ultra-precise, high-end felt pens that can be used on many occasions.

Enjoy a serene buying experience thanks to our Zenacolor “100% Satisfaction or Money Back Guarantee”