2 Watercolours Books


2 Watercolours


Are you looking for a watercolour paper pad with thick, easily-detachable pages?The Zenacolor watercolor pad set is designed for you!

2 paper pads with 64 pages for artistic projects of all types:
Each of the 2 watercolour paper pads in the set contain 32 white sheets of paper with a grain of 300g, giving you a generous total of 64 sheets.

The convenient thickness of each page allows you to paint, draw, scribble or sketch all of your ideas.

Rich and lively colours that last for a long time:
The 300g watercolour paper is ACID-FREE to guarantee that your colours hold up over time without fading.
This quality makes the watercolour pad an ideal gift for artists of all ages, both professionals and those just discovering the joys of painting on any occasion (birthday, Christmas, holiday season).

Easily detachable sheets:
Each sheet of the watercolour pads is glued to the binding by the short side, making it easily detachable without risk of damaging the pad.

For artists of all levels:
The versatile, high-quality paper of our watercolour drawing pads is a great tool for watercolour painters. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced painter, this watercolour paper will allow you to express your ideas as they come to you.

Zenacolor guarantee:
Just like you, we love to let our imagination run wild. And like you, we know that good support can make an enormous difference in the results when completing a work of art. This is why we respond to all questions within 24 hours and our set of two watercolour paper pads is guaranteed “100% satisfaction or your money back” within 30 days.


Not suitable for children under 14 years of age.

So don’t hesitate, add this set of watercolour paper pads to your basket now!

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