24 Bottles of Neon 3D Fabric Paint


24 Bottles of Neon
3D Fabric Paint


Stand out from the crowd, be yourself and be unique thanks to Zenacolor’s 3D fabric paint!Do you want to add your own personal touch to your belongings and make your everyday objects stand out?
Our set of 24 Zenacolor 3D fabric paints is for you.

A simple and effective new concept to unleash your creative spirit!
These 3D paint pens allow you to add colour and depth to your wardrobe and your home in just a few minutes.
Take the bottles and squeeze them firmly to start drawing lines, circles, dots, or spots in different colours, thicknesses and sizes.
The paint will set on your textile and give it a whole new dimension: feel your creations with your fingertips!

Really easy to use, designed for artists
Whether you’re an experienced artist or a total beginner, and no matter what your age, you will have so much fun playing, painting and working with this non-toxic fabric paint in all your arts and crafts projects.
If you prefer the more traditional use of a paintbrush, this set comes with 3 different-sized brushes.
Customise your clothes, bags, aprons, and decorative objects around your home, even wood or glass ones.
This neon fabric paint set makes a great birthday, special occasion, Christmas or holiday gift for professional and budding artists alike.

Zenacolor offers you a 100% Satisfaction or Your Money Back Guarantee
Our young company is composed of people who are passionate about art, working to develop original, high-quality products to help make the world a brighter place.
Your satisfaction and your enjoyment of our product are very important to us.
That’s why this permanent fabric paint set is covered by our “100% Satisfaction or Your Money Back” Guarantee for 30 days from the time of purchase.

So don’t hesitate, set your inner artist free by adding this set to your basket!

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