24 Waterbrush pens


Bring a new dimension to your creations with our Waterbrush Pens!

Let your imagination run wild and transform your artwork in seconds with sensational watercolor effects.

Amazing quality at a Zenacolor price
Our watercolour brush pen set is composed of 24 different colors that you can easily mix with water to obtain an infinity of colours.
The pigments used in our water-based ink are highly concentrated to obtain vivid and unique colors.
The brush tips have an optimal ink flow to draw thin or thick lines depending on the applied pressure.

An Aqua Brush offered!
Use the complimentary water tank pen to create amazing and beautiful watercolour effects very easily.

For sublime effects, follow these tips!
Use brush pens and the Aqua Brush on watercolor paper to avoid piercing your artwork or paper.
Remember to close the caps when they are not used.
If you find the tips a little dry: clean them with water, dry the tip well, close the cap and hold the pen upside down for at least 10 min.

Zenacolor Warranty
Our set of felt pen brushes, like our other Zenacolor products is guaranteed “100% Satisfied or your money back”.
Our young and growing French company is at your side in case of problems, just contact us and we will help you within 48 hours!


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