60 fine tip Zenacolor felt marker pens





We at Zenacolor are helping to color our world in new and exciting ways. Our 60 fineliners set offers amazing value for money and is perfect for art enthusiasts of any age and level. It is ideal for drawing, sketching, crafting, doodling, scrapbooking, projects, adult coloring books and more!

With a full palette of color choices, anyone can have fun and at the same time nurture their creative side with this quality set of marker pens.

  • Our extensive range of 60 unique colors combines rich, vivid, warm and cold hues. Let your imagination run free with this wide spectrum of colours !
  • Our super fine tip felt markers are organized in a metal box that is easy to carry. The box includes 3 drawers that can each hold up to 20 felt markers. You can take your FineLiners anywhere with you and locate your favorite color in no time!
  • Zenacolor fine tip felt pens come with a fiber tip surrounded by a metal sheath that reinforces it and prevents breakage. The water-based ink used in our pens can easily be washed off most fabrics – and it is non-toxic. The design of the 0.4 mm tip is firm, and lets you draw smoothly on paper- giving you clean and well-defined lines every time!
  • Our sets of fine tip felt pens are perfect for writing, calligraphy, precision coloring, dotted lines, overlaying, sketches, drawing, bullet diaries, scrapbooks, Mandalas, art therapy as well as coloring books for grown-ups. They are also perfect for teachers, students and artists! A great gift idea that will brighten up notebooks and encourage creativity !
  • Unleash your creativity and craft your masterpiece with our professionally made colored pencils!
  • Vibrant colors, perfect for home or school art projects.
  • Great as a birthday or holiday gift as well! Encourage fun and creativity starting today!

So go ahead, add two or more of our 60 Fineliners to your order, one for you and one as a unique gift for a friend or loved one. You won’t regret it!

Not suitable for children under 14 years of age.

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