72 coloured pencils


91KLqTHWAVL._SL1500_We at Zenacolor are helping to color our world in new and exciting ways. Our 72 Colored Pencils Set offers amazing value for money and is perfect for art enthusiasts of any age and level. It is ideal for drawing, sketching, crafting, doodling, scrapbooking, school projects, child and adult coloring books and more!
With a full palette of color choices, anyone can have fun and at the same time nurture their creative side with this quality set of coloring pencils.
✔ Set comes with 72 unique vibrant colours.
✔ Comes pre-sharpened and are ready to use when they arrive.
✔ These pencils are easy to sharpen and designed to be both durable and comfortable.
✔Made with sturdy, quality wood, rich pigments and soft core to allow you to write, draw, stretch your work of art, at ease.
✔Feel reassured knowing that these coloring pencils are toxic free and safe for you and your children.
✔Unleash your creativity and craft your masterpiece with our professionally made colored pencils!
✔Vibrant, child-friendly colors, perfect for home or school art projects.
✔Great as a birthday or holiday gift as well! Encourage fun and creativity starting today!



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