About us

The Zenacolor Adventure

Traveling the world in search of inspiration, imagining, dreaming and playing with your creativity by producing unique artwork. Every artist's sleeping soul has the will to create masterpieces.

At Zenacolor, we propose a wide range of premium products for everyone. Beginners will find quality, easy to use products at reasonable prices.

Our team, as well as the Zenacolor community, will accompany you in learning new techniques with explanatory cards, tutorials and the sharing of creations.

Enthusiasts, the Expert Series range will turn you into the next Picasso! With different kinds of paints, techniques, supports and accessories you will be able to create masterpieces. Suitable for professionals, the format of our products enable you to endlessly use your creativity!

Families and children also have their place at Zenacolor. We guarantee quality products with an ergonomic design and ease of use that help with learning, early learning and the creativity of even the youngest children.